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Science of Usafii

Usafii's Scientific Research

In 2010, Dr. Sharmin S. Dharas, MD discovered the scientific healing powers and purity behind the coconut. This fruit embodies the base of Usafii Beauty. According to her research, while in medical school, she discovered that coconuts are not only a wonderful exotic tropical fruit but also learnt that the fruit provides many medicinal therapeutic aspects when combined with turmeric oil.

 In her article “The Pharaohs Nut” she describes how coconut oil and coconut water provide, “a high content of lauric acid (found naturally in human mothers breast milk) …medium fatty chain acid, lauric acid has potent anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. The base of lauric acid has a small molecular weight that allows it to penetrate through the skin…” This natural action allows the dermal layers to fill with moisture.

Usafii started in a small living room in New Mexico, with a vision to provide the best skin care products with Ayurvedic ingredients. We decided that our products would have a much more efficient skincare benefit than conventional products. Our founder, Dr. Dharas, MD has researched how to effectively deliver the therapeutic effects into the human body using diverse Ayurvedic herbs.  Based on her knowledge and experienced international background, she came up with the idea of effectively delivering the Ayurvedic effects of TURMERIC into Usafii Beauty. She found an all natural  R & D laboratory and created her works by design, development, and manufacturing based on philosophy of combination between science, medicine, and emotion. Currently, the headquarter of Usafii is in Albuquerque, and we are constantly in search of wonderful exotic free trade ingredients and involved in scientific research of how to use the advantages of ingredients to enhance skin and beauty naturally.

Usafii Beauty line was created on the basis of scientific knowledge from medicinal plants and noble ingredients.