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Hello Indian Hair

Hello Indian Hair

November 18, 2017 I By: Dr. Dharas


East Asians are known for their thick hair, & have had a simple trick for maintaining their beautiful locks. The tradition of hair oil, a ritual passed down from grandmother to mother to daughter, is a part of Indian culture and daily life. Hair oils, used as a pre-wash treatment, give hair the boost of moisture and nourishment it needs to fight against the environment and the daily torture of styling. Take coconut oil for example, rich in fatty acids and nutrients, it has the ability to penetrate the shaft of the hair to rebuild strength from within. And who could ignore the movement behind turmeric in the last several years? Some call it “liquid gold” because of its phenomenal abilities to rid dandruff and strengthen hair, among a multitude of other benefits. Additionally, the simple act of massaging one’s scalp has its benefits, from increased blood flow and reduced inflammation to stress and anxiety relief. Check out our video on YouTube: here


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