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Hasta La'vista Lotion

Hasta La'vista lotion

January 17, 2016 | By: Dr. Dharas

Say goodbye to lotions and say HELLO OIL BARS!
Yes, thats right we are saying get rid of your lotions.
Usafii Oil Bars are a great way to seal and lock in moisture during or after your shower.
The daisy shape was designed so that it is easy to hold while your in a warm shower or even during your bath. It helps maintain a grip, because we all know how much we hate dropping our soap when we dont want to wash our hair!

Now why in the world would we suggest that you ditch your moisturizer in the winter when skin is its driest? Because if you adopt a Usafii way all-natural skincare routine you won’t need it! Honestly. Usafii yourself, and your dryness away in your morning shower and stay super-hydrated, smell divine and smooth all day long without adding lotion or cream! No lie. It’s easier and saves you time. It’s super cost-effective AND your skin will be smoother and softer than ever before! Try it! It’ll change your life

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